2 Sept 2017

Winchester is a good place for a pro-EU gathering!

Today we had our Pro-EU gathering in Winchester at the Buttercross. It was a very friendly affair and while we encountered some Brexiters, the discussions remained civil. The great majority of people who approached us were agreeing with what we were there to represent: the will for the UK to remain a member state of the EU. Thank you to everybody who came along to support us!

The European Movement had set up their street stall from 2pm and some members of the Win-IN and The 48% - Winchester groups were there early to also join in with the fun of talking to people, and hand out EU flags to children and leaflets to interested grown-ups.

We had a some more people join us at 3pm which was the agreed time for our gathering. I only have a few photos which don't show all of the people who were there so this will have to do.

After this, a good number of us went to the pub to socialise a little among the different groups.

We are hoping to be working together with the European Movement again on organising some more of these afternoons!

Finally here are some photos of some of the leaflets that we were handing out today:

(All copyrights of photos are with the people who took them!)