Have Your Say!

There are many ways to get heard, make sure to have your say!


First of all make sure you are registered to vote!

There are different rights to vote in the various kinds of elections depending on which passport you hold. For example, as an EU citizen living in the UK without a British passport you cannot vote in the UK general elections but you are allowed to vote in the local council elections (Winchester info) and the European parliament ones (at this point of time it is not known whether the next election for the European parliament will be in time before the UK leaves the EU as it is in 2019 - more info on Wikipedia). Some other passports (e.g. Irish) allow their holders to vote in the UK general election as well, please check on gov.uk. Migrants Organise also has a good summary of voting rights and important dates.

Contact your representatives!

How to contact MPs, MEPs, a Lord, the PM:

Find your MP, MEPs or a Lord using https://www.writetothem.com/
The PM can be contacted via this page: https://email.number10.gov.uk/

You can write to them about any concerns you have, as long as you are staying polite.
There doesn’t need to be lots of political reasoning, just make it personal (about you, not the person you are writing to), describe your fears, possibly support people you know. Whatever answer you get, they need to know how the current political situation affects people. If nobody gives feedback to them they will not know!

Many MPs hold surgeries that you can attend (contact info for Winchester's MP Steve Brine).

You can also see what they are doing for their constituency (or not) via these links:

Speak or write to local district and county councillors about your concerns:

Find your local councillor using these links:
Winchester Find My Councillor tool

Many local councillors hold surgeries that you can attend!

Go public!

Write to local and national newspapers

The local and national newspapers are always happy for their readers to comment or to write letters regarding issues that are important to you.
The local Hampshire Chronicle paper has a page dedicated to this: