We support positive action against divisive politics such as Brexit!

Many people feel vulnerable these days and are not sure how to overcome their fears and negative feelings caused by divisive politics. Don't let this stop you from taking positive action - in a democracy we all have the power to generate change!

First of all, don't be a lone warrior, you are not on your own! 

An easy way to find like-minded people is to join the Winchester International Network for friendly socials and other events for internationally minded people in and around Winchester. On our contact page you can find links for Twitter and Facebook.

You can also join a local action group and go to or organise meetings and events that hopefully lead to some positive results. (The Winchester International Network was conceived that way!) A lot of the local groups are communicating via Facebook but many of them are using closed or even secret groups and are hard to find. Many people who connected through their 'Remain vote' at the Referendum on 23 June 2016 joined a large Facebook group called The 48% and there are many local offshoots too. We have a local offshoot, Winchester For Europe, please feel welcome to join. Otherwise don't hesitate to send us a message via the Contact tab.

Other websites/groups that might be interesting to you can be found on the Useful Links tab.

It is important to find or create allies and inform yourself about the difficulties many of us face:
  • Identify friends/acquaintances who could be convinced to help by giving them information about how Brexit affects EU-citizens in the UK and UK-citizens in other EU countries (and also how British people will be affected/are affected already).
  • Have a look on our Stories tab for real life stories to talk about.
  • Learn about the stepping stones on the way to acquire British Citizenship using the links on the Useful links tab.
  • Learn about how local businesses, hospitals/NHS, and science research are affected. [Link needed: to pages with info how local businesses, hospitals/NHS, science research are affected]

Actions you could take:
  • Stalls to find more like-minded people: help groups who do a stall/stand on the weekend to reach out to people and find more members! It is important to be seen!
  • Sharing links online: use the power of social media to share information and events!
  • Leaflets: distribute leaflets to advertise your group and/or to share real life Brexit stories!
  • Take part in national marches/rallies or other actions: on our Events page we are listing the most important upcoming local and national events.
  • Letter writing: letter writing is an important tool to have your voice registered with your representatives. See the Have Your Say! tab with suggestions on how to go about this.
  • Email writing: send emails to like-minded friends and relatives and invite them to join you doing positive actions. 
  • Petition signing: a good starting point are the Petition pages listed on the Useful Links tab.
  • Local events: set up an event yourself! You can do picnics, rallies, pub evenings, whatever takes your fancy! Let us know, maybe we can help! (Please also keep in mind that for some events you need to contact the city council to get permission.)