17 Oct 2017

Win-IN is organising a Family Picnic & Walk

This is something we wanted to organise for quite a while - a FAMILY EVENT!

If the weather is good enough, we will be meeting at 11:30 am at the car park of a village near Winchester (you can go by bus if you don't have a car).

There is a nice playground and some picnic tables. Bring your own picnic (and a blanket just in case)! We can let the children have a play first, then we all have a picnic there, and whoever is still fit enough after that for a 4 km circular walk, can join in!

If you would like to come along on 18 November and meet new people, please show your interest by signing up to the event. To do that and to get more information you need to be a member or join the Win-IN Facebook group.

15 Oct 2017

Brexit is Bonkers - another successful #StopBrexit event in Winchester

Lots of interest was shown again at the latest #StopBrexit event organised by Win-IN and The 48% - Winchester members and with the help of the European Movement (Hampshire branch) at the Buttercross in Winchester!

Like last time the organisers were joined by other members of the public who feel strongly about not leaving the EU and had dressed in blue and yellow and brought EU and UK flags along.

This time the activists not only had balloons, flags, and leaflets to hand out but also a flip board to find out what the public are thinking about Brexit - and the public responded! Here are some examples of what was written down:

"The EU = Checks and Balances"
"Have you noticed the increase in prices since June 2016? + HATE CRIMES ON INCREASE 50,000 more in Scotland alone"
"40 years of peace is worthwhile"
"Don't kid yourself that the US would help us with any trade agreement. Bombardier?"
"Brexit is a tax scam by the elite to avoid the EU tax avoidance directive due 2019!"
"We want another vote, we were told lies"
"Think of our youngsters future! We need to stay in Europe!"

There was lots of affirmation for the #StopBrexit cause as many people expressed in conversations that they were feeling leader- and directionless.


The group was also asking for support for a petition in regards to holding another referendum on the final Brexit deal (to truly give the public the power to say what kind of Brexit - if at all - they want). If you haven't signed the #FinalDealRef petition yet, please find it here: http://tinyurl.com/Finaldealref

If you were interested in signing the #NoEUWithdrawalBill petition that was promised in the event description (but couldn't be done on the day due to unforeseen circumstances), please do so on the Best for Britain website: https://bestforbritain.org/NoBrexit

In addition to the other activities, a substantial number of email addresses of supporters were collected. These will be put into a mailing list with the purpose of keeping recipients updated about upcoming #StopBrexit events and news (for in and around Winchester). If you would like to be on the mailing list, please send us your email address via the Contact tab (use the Send A Message box). Alternatively you can sign up to receive email updates from this website by entering your email address further up on that same tab.

Thank you to everybody who was there on the day and/or helped with the organisation of this event!

(All copyrights of photos are with the people who took them!)

5 Oct 2017

Coming up very quickly - 12 Regional Rallies and another Pro-EU Gathering in Winchester!

14 October is the day of the nationwide regional rallies run by the 48%.

In the spirit of this, Win-IN and The 48% - Winchester are going to have another Pro-EU Gathering in Winchester, with some help by the European Movement!

Please join us on 14 October for an hour at 2pm at the Buttercross to get some signatures for the #NoEUWithdrawalBill campaign run by Best for Britain.

To find out more and to sign up for the event, please click on the image: