What is the Winchester International Network?

The Winchester International Network aims to deliver positive action and events to raise awareness of current issues, and provide a cross-community response to it - but also to set up safe social meet-ups and open discussion. We would like to play a part in surfacing the internationalism that already exists in Winchester, and making people aware of the benefits of it.

We are a group of residents from Winchester and the wider local area. We are parents, professionals, volunteers etc. from different parts of the community.

We believe in linking across national, political, cultural, generational, racial, and class boundaries for all our common interest.

We want to develop an international network for support, information and connection - especially in these difficult political times. We wish to provide solidarity and recognition, no matter where you were born.

We are not affiliated to any political party.

If you share our beliefs and would like to be part of our network, you are very welcome to join us. Please get in touch via the Contact tab!