9 Sept 2017

Some impressions from the People's March 4 Europe

Today we were again in London for yet another #StopBrexit march. As with all the other ones before attendants were in good spirits and had turned out in large numbers.

Here are some photos taken on the way (also scroll down to find some links to newspaper articles about the march):

Approaching the march from behind on Park Lane, near Curzon Gate

The march started at the time stated in the info pack, at 12 noon!

Lots more marchers were queuing from the
direction of Hyde Park Corner Underground station.

They all had to wait for us!

The Lib Dems loud and proud.

Once all marchers from Park Lane had gone past
them, they were allowed to join in.

Walking down Piccadilly, next to Green Park.

"I'd rather be drinking tea right now!
NO RIGHT to take our EU RIGHTS.
BREXIT? Brexit? What the fu is Brexit?"

"Don't leave us stranded with Brexit idiots!"

On St James's Street.

St James's Palace in front of us.

Turning onto Pall Mall.

Chanting "This is insane - we must remain!"

"Newport Pagnell
Small towns
need close ties
and large markets!"

Exit Brexit
before GB sinks
Brexit costs too much!
We can't afford Brexit!"

Getting closer to Trafalgar Square

"Read the hat"

Finally down Whitehall, Big Ben is in sight.

"Hard Brexit is Hare-Brained"


"Brexit Circus"

At the end at Parliament Square was a
big screen showing what was going on on the stage.

Listening to some of the speakers at Parliament Square.

Another hat.

Beautiful flags!

Some newspaper articles about the march:

Evening Standard: People's March for EU: Thousands of anti-Brexit activists descend on central London in 'Autumn of Discontent' protest

The Guardian: Calls for unity as thousands attend anti-Brexit rally in London

The Independent: Thousands of anti-Brexit protesters march on Parliament

ITV News: Anti-Brexit marchers descend on Westminster to demand Britain stays in the EU

The Telegraph: Brexit protest: 'Incompetent, dysfunctional, disunited': Vince Cable tears into Theresa May's government

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