21 Oct 2018

People's Vote March For The Future - what a march it was!

Yesterday saw one of the biggest ever protest march in the history of the UK, second only to the anti-war protests in February 2003. Following beforehand on Facebook how many people from all parts of the UK said they would come along this time, I expected this march to be big, and the organisers put a number of 100,000 participants out there. The actual number was heart warming: most media reported about 700,000 participants!

Britain for Europe tweeted this:

And of course The People's Vote UK has a lot of tweets about the march on Twitter.

Here is the Winchester coach travelling group with members from the European Movement Hampshire and The 48% - Winchester before they boarded their vehicle:

Another big group of committed campaigners, possibly even more, travelled by train.

A big well done and thank you to everyone who invested their time and energy on making this protest so outstanding!

What do we do now? The Leave side is busy rallying people to write to their MPs ("£250,000 ad campaign urges voters to oppose May’s Brexit plan"). It is very important to write to your MP too to represent the other side! It doesn't have to be a long email or letter, but the more they get, the better. Letter writing is an important tool to have your voice registered with your representatives. See the Have Your Say! tab with suggestions on how to go about this.


Here is a compilation of several articles about the march as published on Twitter by The 48% - Winchester yesterday and today:


Please do write to your MP!

Sylke on behalf of Win-IN

(All copyrights of photos are with the people who took them!)